Collect payments quickly and securely.

Core Features

Simple Drag-N-Drop Payment Components

Simple drag and drop Lightning web components to add in Experience Cloud sites and in flows to start collecting payments. We have number of LWC components which you can customize to your needs and most of them available in Flows specifically to leverage Salesforce Flow capabilities.

3DS Secure Payments

For extra fraud protection, enable 3DS Secure and you are all set to reduce fraud. Our app uses Stripe's Payments Intent API which supports 3DS secure 2 authentication and complies with Strong Customer Authentication regulation in Europe. The Strong Customer Authentication regulation in Europe requires the use of 3DS for card payments. 3DS is optional in other regions but you can still use it as a tool to reduce fraud. Read more about it - Stripe Docs.
Lite Pae - security and compliance

Future Payments

Lite Pae comes with an Action (Charge Customer Action), available in Salesforce Flow, allows you to make charges off-session (when user is not present) with existing payment details which your Customer provides using Customer Profile and Payment Methods components. This will allow you to integrate the payment processing in your backend processes.
Lite Pae - charge customer

Build templates for forms

Lite Pae gives you ability to collect payments using Lite Pae form components available in Exeperience cloud sites and Salesforce Flow. With Templates, you can pre-configured forms which you can add to your Experience cloud sites or pretty much anywhere in Salesforce using Salesforce Flows to collect payments.
Lite Pae - template builder

Manage subscriptions

With Subscription Management component (available in Salesforce flow) and few invocable actions (Create a Subscription, Subscription By Id, Subscriptions By Customer), you can allow users to create subscription, retrieve existing subscriptions, cancel subscription immediately or sometime in future. By combining this with Lite Pae's Customer Search action and Payment Method component, you can setup portal to allow your customers to create and/or cancel subscription themselves.
Lite Pae - subscription management

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers provide a safe way for customers to send money over bank rails. With our Create an Invoice feature (invocable action in flow), you can give your customer option to send money via their bank.
Lite Pae - bank transfer

Redeem discount codes

Redeem coupons or promotion codes to apply discount to your recurring subscriptions. Configure in Lite Pae Templates and the Lite Pae payment form will give option to end user to add a promotion or coupon code.
Lite Pae - promotion code

ACH Direct Debit

Along with default option for payments in Lite Pae i.e. Card, Lite Pae also support Stripe's ACH Direct Debit as you set that up in your Stripe account. You can configure your Template form to accept ACH Direct debit along with Credit cards. You can also configure your default settings to use Cards and ACH Direct debit to save for future payments using other Lite Pae components as mentioned in Future Payments
Lite Pae - ach direct debit

Customer Profile

With Customer Profile component, you can setup a customer on-boarding experience by adding it in an Experience Cloud site with help of Salesforce Flow, allow your customers to manage their profile in Experiecne Cloud site which create/update Customer record in Stripe.
Lite Pae - add customer

Customer Management

With our Search Customer and Sync Customer features (invocable action in flow), you can automate customer mapping with help of Salesforce Flow. It allows you to do existing customer search or create new one in Stripe, sync customer information and map back to Salesforce.
Lite Pae - search customer action

Payment Methods

Payment Methods component in Salesforce Flow allow your customers to add/update their payment card details themselves on your Experience Cloud site and use those payment details later for payments in off-session mode in your automated processes.
Lite Pae - add payment method

Send Invoices

With our Create an Invoice feature (invocable action in flow), you can send invoice to customer with help of Salesforce Flow. For example, You can have a button on your Order record to send an invoice with Order Amount and map invoice id or invoice url back to Salesforce.
Lite Pae - invocable action create invoice