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Simple and easy way to add pre-configured payment forms using Lite Pae templates
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Lite Pae - template builder

Explore sample flows and components using Lite Pae components

Check out this Unlocked Package which has some sample flow/components to see how you can leverage Salesforce's out of the box functionality with Lite Pae components to implement your use case.
Since it is an unlocked package, after you install it in your Salesforce org, you can modify or clone the flows from it to best suit your requirements.

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Lite Pae webhook listener to process stripe events

Salesforce Sites,Webhook

Lite Pae's webhook listener allows you to process stripe webhook events by which Lite Pae can update its process request information in Salesforce and is able to create submission data for asynchronous payment processing events i.e. ACH Direct Debit.

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Charge a customer off-session with Lite Pae's Invocable Action

Invocable Action,Future Payments

Lite Pae's Charge Customer invocable action allows you to process payments in off-session mode without user interactivity with their existing payments methods using Stripe's future payments feature.

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Manage Stripe Customer information using component in Salesforce Flow

Salesforce flow

Customer Profile component allows you to have your customers add/edit their information directly in stripe using Salesforce Flow.

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Allow your customers to manage their payment methods

Salesforce flow

Payment Methods component allows your customers to add/edit their payment cards directly in stripe using Salesforce Flow, which can be used later for payment processing.

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How to setup Lite Pae payment component in Salesforce Flow

Salesforce flow

With Salesforce Flow, you can add Lite Pae components in any Lightning page where Flows are supported, which gives you flexibility to collect payments pretty much anywhere in Salesforce Platform.

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How to setup Lite Pae LWC component in Experience cloud site

Experience Cloud

Lite Pae payment component, available in Experience cloud site, allow you to collect payments in minutes.

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How to setup payment account


Install Lite Pae app from the Salesforce Appexchange and follow the steps to install in your Salesforce environment.

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