How to setup Lite Pae payment component in Salesforce Flow

Salesforce flow

With Salesforce Flow, you can add Lite Pae components in any Lightning page where Flows are supported, which gives you flexibility to collect payments pretty much anywhere in Salesforce Platform. Let's see how we can add Lite Pae payment component in Salesforce lightning page.

  • Create a new flow.
  • Add a step to query Payment Account and store its Id in a flow variable i.e. paymentRecordId.
  • Add a screen component and add Lite Pae component on it.
  • Configure its properties like Payment Record Id to above flow variable (paymentRecordId) and Amount etc.
  • Publish flow.
  • Add flow on your Salesforce Lightning page and Save.
  • Now you are ready to collect payments.
  • For more dynamic flow setup checkout the video.

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