How to setup Lite Pae LWC component in Experience cloud site

Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience cluod sites let you build digital experiences to colloborate your customers, partners, or employees. Lite Pae payment component, available in Experience cloud site, allow you to collect payments in minutes. Let's see how we can add it to your Expereince Cloud site.

  • Open your Experience Site builder.
  • Go to Components section on the left.
  • Scroll down to the bootom section i.e. Custom Components.
  • There you can find component called Lite Pae
  • Drag and drop to your Experience Site page.
  • Select the payment account on its configuration panel
  • Fill out other fields like amount etc.
  • Publish the Experience Site page and you are ready to collect payment.


Every Experience Site user needs a permission set to access the Lite Pae component on live site i.e. Lite Pae Light Permission set. Also If you have org wide sharing settings set to private for all custom objects for portal users, you might have to use Sharing rules for its Lite Pae objects. When using Lite Pae components on Member portal pages or Public site pages, you need to create sharing rule to share below mentiond objects with Portal user/Guest user i.e criteria would be - if Payment Account Name is not equal to empty. Here's the list of Lite Pae objects you need to share (at-least read only access) with Portaluser/Guest site user.

  • Payment Account
  • Template

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