Simple and easy way to add pre-configured payment forms using Lite Pae templates

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Lite Pae - template builder

With Templates, you can configure your payment form with all the options like Amount, Payment account, Currency along with configuring the available payment methods. To create brand new template, just follow these steps:

  • Click on App launcher in Salesforce and search for Lite Pae.
  • On Lite pae dashboard home page you should be able to see Templates tab as active tab with option to create a brand new Template.
  • Click on Create New Template (before that you might wanna create a Payment Account first, if you haven't created one, as Template use Payment Account).
  • On Template builder, configure your options and hit publish.
    • YOu can also save as draft. If you are not ready to publish your changes (specially in case, you are updating existing template which is being used already).
  • Now, your template is ready to be used anywhere in Salesforce platform like Salesforce screen flow, Salesforce Experience cloud site.
  • To add payment form with template, simply go to your Experience cloud site page and search for lite pae payment in component list.
  • Once you add it to the page then in component configuration you can pick template from a dropdown list and publish the site.

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