Map Payment response (JSON) from Stripe to Salesforce Flow variables

Invocable Action,Salesforce Flow
Lite Pae - map json response

Lite Pae components like Lite Pae and Lite Pae Payment in Salesforce Flow provide few important data attributes as response back from Stripe. We recently added more properties which can be useful for the down-stream processes in your Salesforce implementation. Few of them are Receipt Url, Card brand, Card Expiry Month/Year and Last 4 digits of the card used in processing the transaction. All of the above information is available as JSON string.

Some of the data attributes are available as simple Flow variables already like Status but other field you need to parse in Flow.

Here's a sample code for a Flow Action which you can add as a class and it will be available in Salesforce Flow as Action to parse the JSON and make data available as Salesforce Variables to futher use it.

If it is still not clear, feel free to reach out to us.

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